Youths are regarded as an essential part of both the social and sports life of Golf Club Venezia, which stimulates and supports their playing through the Youth Club, for boys and girls aged between 6 and 18. Students can train and grow by playing and exercising in the beautiful Venice course, that thanks to its peculiar features and difficulties has produced great players during its long standing history.



  • promote and support the game of golf – a highly educational sport – among youths
  • encourage boys and girls to a healthy competitiveness, inspiring the principles of correctness, loyalty and respect of the other, which are an integral feature of Golf
  • give them targets and new motivations with the purpose of improving their game through a responsible and planned training
  • instil them team spirit and a healthy competitiveness without forgetting recreation
    lead them in their golf growth, from their first moves to the acquisition of handicap and the conquer of the F.I.G. Licence, until their best competitive successes

Diversified targets for every age and skills:

  • Leoncini B: learning the fundamentals of swing is important, and so is playing!
  • Leoncini A: they still need to consolidate swing and short play. They are being prepared for the examination of the rules to become NC
  • Pre-competitive: they have obtained the HCP, their target now is to further lower the HCP and conquer the Youth Licence
  • Competitive Team: to stand out in the youth ranking and significantly lower the handicap

   Download the 2014 Venice Youth Club Handbook  

Technical activity and play assessment

The technical activity planned by our Professionals requires hours of training that will be broken down in driving range/pitching green/putting green activities, where the swing fundamentals will be taught concerning: long game, short game and putting as well as course activities to learn notions of game strategy.
During the first days of the course, the boys and girls of the competition and pre-competition groups will carry out a video analysis of the swing, on which the personal chart of each student will be drawn indicating the training programme and the goals to reach.

Targets will only be achieved through the maximum cooperation between boys or girls and their instructor. Achievements will be regularly assessed.
The assessment step consists in the evaluation of short play, long play and putting.
At the end of each competition boys and girls will have to submit the statistics to the instructor so as to plan the training.

Download the Manuale Azzurro 2014 from the Federazione Italiana Golf website.