The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 8 – Par 5 – Hcp 5

A technical par 5 that offers several strategic choices. The fairway runs with a double dogleg, a dense forest runs along the entire hole on the right and there is a lake on the left which from 130 metres from the green extends to fold around it. Only three bunkers on this hole, which come into play only in the event of obvious error. The green is of limited size, but in its final part slopes dangerously towards the water obstacle.

Experienced Player

A deep bunker on the left side of the fairway about 200 metres from the tee is the reference for the driver that needs pointing slightly to its right. The landing area is rough and the lie of the ball will be decisive for the choice of the second shot. A conservative strategy provides for the lay up in the centre of the fairway before the beginning of the water obstacle. With a well-placed and well positioned long ball, you can attempt the green with the second shot, but you have to consider the risks arising from the small bunker and the lake on the left that protect the most treacherous flags located to the left and towards the end of the green, where it undulates enough to require a careful evaluation of the slopes.

Bogey Player

The tee shot for this player is trickier than it is for the expert because the landing area is bounded on the left by a very deep bunker and on the right by many trees that will inevitably hamper the second shot. If you do not exceed the bunker by far, you can play any club freely in the direction of the lake; otherwise it will be expedient to play a shot towards the centre-right of the fairway in order to exclude the water obstacle from the path of the third shot. It is absolutely not possible to close the shot to the green on the left, because in this area the water comes back towards the fairway; on the right side, however, it is always possible to recover with a running shot.

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