The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 11 – Par 5 – Hcp 2

Right from the tee box there is a hole that immediately arouses concern: a par 5 dogleg to the right, very nice but difficult because of the many obstacles that affect every shot. The difficulties consist of a dense forest to the right along the inner side of the hole, a lake that borders the fairway to the left for a hundred metres or so at the level of the landing area, a smaller lake that comes into play on the second shot just after the bend of the dogleg and, finally, rolling terrain that ensures an awkward lie for the approach. Three bunkers, one of which is placed about fifty metres from the green, are the last bastion for this hole.

Experienced Player

The driver is only a suitable choice for longer players who manage to reach the green with the second shot; otherwise it is more expedient to reduce the risks by playing a fairway wood or a hybrid placed in the middle of the course. To reach the green with the second shot, the elbow of the dogleg must be taken into consideration, located about 200 metres from the green, it prevents a direct view: thus a great shot in terms of length and accuracy must be played because the green is protected by bunkers from a distance. A lay-up at a hundred metres, on the other hand, leaves an approach that may present some difficulties only with a flag on the left close to a deep bunker from which it would be difficult to control a short, downhill exit shot.

Bogey Player

If the driver is played to the right, the trees that surround the fairway come into play, while if the driver is played too much to the left, the lake comes in to play. Moreover, when the tee shot is placed in the middle of the course, close attention must be paid to the second shot, which should preferably be directed towards the left side of the fairway to avoid the second lake, which can be seen just to the right after the elbow of the dogleg. A third shot remains, however, to the green that appears to be higher than the point of play and thus requires the correct choice of an appropriate club. Failing to reach the objective is not, however, a big problem because the approach to a long green that presents only a slight slope to the right could be played in different ways.

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