The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 18 – Par 4 – Hcp 16

A dogleg to the left, characterised by a very narrow tee shot, a water obstacle to the left and another to mark the end of the landing area at about 200 metres, while on the right of this there is an out of bounds. The green is at a distance of just a few hundred metres and is located at the bottom, with a narrow entrance protected by two bunkers.

Experienced Player

The aim is to place the tee shot in the wide area fronting the green, at the dogleg. The landing area is easily reachable with an iron and only requires attention to the narrow passage left by the tall trees that already close in about a hundred metres from the tee box and to the water obstacle that comes into play, if serious errors are made. With the green nearby and below your position, it is once again a case of attacking the flag, but without forgetting that over the green is out of bounds. There is also a very aggressive strategy, which attempts to reach the green with the driver, aiming sideways to the left of the tee box, directly over the forest. There is, however, a great probability that even a well-struck ball will be blocked on its way down by the trees closest to the green or it will come down in one of the bunkers.

Bogey Player

The driver must pass through the narrow corridor formed by the trees in an attempt to reach the wide landing area. Hence the second shot has a good chance of reaching the green if, when choosing the iron, you take into account the strength of the frequent headwind and the position of the ball which on the left side of the fairway will certainly be positioned with an uphill lie. The approach to the green is only difficult if the flag is close to the bunker, but the green has very few slopes and allows an easy putt.

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