The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 6 – Par 5 – Hcp 17

This short and straight par 5 represents a moment of recovery for the experienced player and satisfaction for the bogey player. The only difficulties are those for the experienced player whose tee shot reaches a very narrow landing area bounded by two bunkers and a rough that invades the right side of the fairway. Access to the green is protected by a deep bunker on the right and the “Fossa dei Leoni” [Lions’ den] on the left, a long narrow depression in the ground with deliberately unkempt grass.

Experienced Player

An aggressive strategy requires a driver between the two bunkers, keeping in mind that immediately after the right one the rough extends for some tens of metres. The choice of a fairway wood in the direction of the bunker to the left, however, leaves a second shot capable of reaching the green, which must nevertheless arrive in flight on target thus avoiding the need to knock the ball onto the avant-green where it would stop. The club must be carefully chosen, however, because there is a deep ravine of waste land over the green.

Bogey Player

All obstacles can be avoided by using the driver in the direction of the bunker on the left. A fairway wood or second hybrid in the middle of the fairway, at the height of the small bunker on the right that demarcates the rough leaves a third shot of around a hundred metres. From this distance, for less experienced players, the shot maybe tricky and here the “Fossa dei Leoni” [Lions’ Den] on the left, the deep bunker protecting the green to the right and the water obstacle over the green come into play. Fortunately the green is wide and long so it allows a reasonable margin of error without compromising the final result.

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