The 18 holes of the Club:


Hole 2 – Par 3 – Hcp 15

A short par 3 with a very tight green start, protected on both sides by deep bunkers; the second part of the green is higher, wider and flatter and closed on the left by another bunker. The left side of the hole is bounded by an out of bounds, difficult to reach because of the dense forest that runs along the course.

Experienced Player

Accuracy is required with a short flag, while a shot at the centre of the green places you out of risk. Being too aggressive with the short flag carries some risk because the green is very tight in this area and the bunkers defending it are deep; in contrast, with the long flag, you are likely to end up in the rough over the green or in a bunker.

Bogey Player

The hole suits two strategies. The first, more aggressive, for those who do not fear the bunker, you want a shot at the centre of the green; the second, safer, favours a short shot to the green and a possible pitch, without this preventing the possibility of making par. It is should be noted, however, that the more aggressive shot, can pay off in terms of a gain in points.

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