The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 15 – Par 4 – Hcp 4

This is where the “Amen Corner” of the Venice Golf Course begins: the next three holes, which are often underestimated because they are short, have claimed more victims than any other part of the course. The 15th hole is a short par 4 dogleg to the left with forest on both sides and a bunker which defines the vertex of the bend. The green is protected by a deep bunker on the left, the green appears like the prow of a ship raised a few metres above the fairway and extends with a marked tier to end with a steep descent towards a water obstacle.

Experienced Player

The driver is not suited to this hole because by using it you are likely to reach the forest on the right with a difficult shot from tall grass in the middle of the trees. You should opt for a fairway wood on the right edge of the bunker of the fairway to get a shot at the green from 80-90 metres. With a long flag you need to calculate very accurately the iron to play, because the water obstacle is just after the green, the smallest on the course.

Bogey Player

The bunker at the top of the dogleg and the forest to the left come into play, thus you should aim to the right to have a second shot with a broader view of the green. If you do not manage to reach the green with the second shot, the approach will be very tricky with both the long and short flag. It is worth taking into account the possibility of playing a running shot making the ball roll on the steep climb to the green to be sure to reach it and stop above.

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