The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 17 – Par 4 – Hcp 10

The tee shot is channelled between rows of trees that hide the out of bounds on both the right and left; maximum precision with the driver is required also because of the presence of a bunker on the right of the fairway. A few hundred metres from the objective, the fairway shelves towards a flat green with a very narrow entrance. There are two bunkers protecting it: the one on the left precedes and surrounds the green, but the one on the right is once again placed at a distance of about ten metres making any exit shot tricky.

Experienced Player

You can choose to play a driver or a fairway wood in light fade to avoid the first trees that reduce the window of play to the right even before reaching the fairway. If you land in the middle of the fairway, the second shot is rather easy, but tall trees and the bunkers are likely to come into play at the edges. A short distance presents, however, the opportunity of going for the attack on the flag.

Bogey Player

Care must be taken with the address because the starting tee points towards the trees on the left and the presence of the nearby tall poplars on the right invites you to aim in this direction. Longer players must consider that the bunker to the right on the edge of the rough comes into play, so it is necessary to place the tee shot in the centre of the fairway. If you don’t manage this, the trees that narrow the course about a hundred metres from the green make it almost impossible to reach the green with the second shot. A conservative strategy, or in the event the tee shot is not exactly placed, uses a lay-up to get as close as possible to the downhill slope that is located 70 metres from the green, thus preferably playing a long shot to avoid the risks of the bunkers protecting the green.

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