The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 13 – Par 5 – Hcp 12

A par 5 that curves to the right a few hundred metres from the green. A good strategy is fundamental on this hole, characterised by forest on both sides of the course, a long lake on the left, which from 130 metres from the green, runs along the fairway for 100 metres, two bunkers on the sides of the entrance to the green, with the right one heavily affecting the shot to the flag. The green is the most beautiful on the course for design and movement: narrow at the start, widening gradually as it goes up two tiers then extending to finish in a wide area to the right fully protected by a deep bunker on the right. A shot which is too long is harshly punished by a collar with a steep descent to the rough. The design is such that with a long flag on the right it is sometimes not possible to play the putter from the beginning of the green, you have to try something else or play a shot that flies over the bunker that stands in the way.

Experienced Player

This hole is reachable in two shots, but the tee shot must be placed very carefully. The landing area is downhill thus helping the distance of the shot, but on the right it slopes sideways which causes the ball to roll towards a grove of pines and tall trees, which will prevent you from aiming at the green. The alternative choice is a fairway wood, followed by a lay-up to the distance, preferred by most for dealing with a green that can become very difficult with certain positions of the flag. You still need to pay attention in the lay-up on the left which is bordered by the long lake along the outer side of the bend of the dogleg.

Bogey Player

The driver is quite simple and from any position of the fairway you have a good view for the second shot to be taken with a fairway wood. Since you cannot get over the bend of the dogleg on the second shot, you have to play it to the left towards the lake, which is difficult to achieve even with a fairway wood; if you keep to the right you bring into play a forest of tall trees that prevents access to the green and makes a short lay-up necessary. The particular shape of the green, however, makes the shot to the flag tricky from every position.

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