The 18 holes of the Club:


Hole 1 – Par 4 – Hcp 9

A scenic par 4 with an elevated starting point from a bastion of the historic Forte Austriaco. The tee shot is made treacherous by out of bounds on the left side, three bunkers on the left and one to the right of the landing area of the driver. When playing the second shot, you must pay attention to the bunkers, which are placed a dozen metres from the green; they represent a typical feature of the Venice course and represent a difficulty even for small mistakes. The second bunker on the left, which skirts around the whole green, also requires attention, as does the tall pine overlooking the bunker to the right which gets in the way when the flag is far. The green is however quite wide and a tier divides the, lower, left part, from the right.

Experienced Players

You can get over the bunkers that surround the landing area with a long driver, but the frequent presence of a headwind means a fairway wood is recommended to place yourself before the bunker to the right and away from the risky bunker on the left. A tee shot too far to the right becomes dangerous, however, with a flag on the right, because you will find the tall pine and the bunker in the path of the shot.

Bogey Player

The driver must land in the centre of the fairway, to play a shot with a fairway wood or a hybrid and then attack the green comfortably in three shots. Attention must be paid to reading the green because the slopes are often misleading.

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