The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 10 – Par 4 – Hcp 8

It starts from the ramparts of the old Forte Austriaco with a par 4 dogleg to the right, water obstacle to the left, bunkers and forest on the right. The landing area is tricky for every level of play and you are, however, forced to play a careful driver. Playing the left side of the fairway is favoured as this keeps the ball away from the numerous and dense trees that block access to the green from the right. The green is moreover protected to the left and at the end by two bunkers.

Experienced Player

A driver in fade played to the side of the tall poplar trees on the left, allows a simple approach for the second shot, but it brings into play the rough and the trees that surround the dogleg. A less aggressive strategy includes a fairway wood directed toward the left side of the fairway, from which you will have an open view of the green. The green is slightly uphill at the start with a small tier half way.

Bogey Player

The driver is required to ensure the possibility of reaching the green in two shots. Attention needs to be paid, however, to the lake that borders the fairway to the left for a hundred metres and the bunker positioned on the right close to the landing area. For the second shot you can choose a conservative strategy with a layup directed towards the start of the 11th hole, or point directly at the green with a fairway wood or a rescue. In any case it is best to favour the left side to have an open view towards the green with the approach.

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