The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 16 – Par 4 – Hcp 18

Another short and narrow par 4 with out of bounds on the right and forest on the left, an annoying pine a few tens of metres in front of the tee, a bunker a few hundred metres from the green, in front of which there is another tree in the middle of the fairway at 50 metres. Three bunkers are placed to protect an elevated green with a collar that traps short shots and sends errors to the right into the rough.

Experienced Players

There are two strategies to play this hole. The more aggressive and riskier strategy uses a driver just to the left of the pine tree at 50 metres from the green to have a very simple approach, but it can be very dangerous because of the proximity of the dense forest on the left. The alternative is to place a long iron at a hundred or so metres from the green and use a wedge to fly over the pine to get to the green; in this case, however, the fairway bunker a few hundred metres from the green comes into play.

Bogey Player

Play the driver in the centre of the fairway, sacrificing a few metres in favour of precision. The hole is not long so the second shot should aim at the green, which has a tier at the end on the left and another small one on the green to the right. The obstacles to be considered in this case are the pine 50 metres from the green and the bunker on the right, which being placed at a distance of about ten metres from the collar, makes determining the real distance to the flag more problematic.

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