The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 3 – Par 4 – Hcp 13

Intriguing dogleg to the left, short and tricky: gives great joy and sorrow for the many players who face this hole too nonchalantly. The greatest difficulty is represented by a long, sideways green, protected on the right by a deep bunker flanked by a hill dominated by a maritime pine and, on the left, three small bunkers that run the entire length of the collar. The first part of the green is very narrow and bounded by bunkers; this is followed by a gradual slope which rises again with a small tier near the bottom. This is followed by a steep descent immediately after the collar that leads to a water obstacle.

Experienced Player

There are a number of ways to play this hole and the strategic choice depends on the position of the flag. In the event of a short or medium flag, a long iron towards the little pine and nearby poplar that separate this fairway from that of hole 1 on the right leaves you with a second short shot, which facilitates a gentle attack at the green. In the event of a long flag, after making sure that the players ahead have started to tee at the next hole, you can consider playing a fade driver onto the fairway of hole 4, with the possibility of reaching the green directly or giving yourself an easy approach by being able to attack the green straight on instead of sideways, with plenty of space for landing the ball while excluding the deep bunkers and the maritime pine which protect the right half of the green from the line of play.

Bogey Player

A driver at the centre of the fairway is crucial to provide the opportunity of reaching the green with the second shot. From this position you will choose whether to play short before the bunkers surrounding the beginning of the green or opt for an iron that reaches the end of the green removing from play the many difficult obstacles at its beginning. Be careful, however, because, after the green, there is the water obstacle.

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