The 18 holes of the Club:



Hole 5 – Par 3 – Hcp 7

Long par 3 slightly downhill, with a wind that tends to blow from left to right. The two bunkers on the left and the one over the green do not raise undue concern, while, especially with the strong wind, the bunker on the right of the green comes into play, it stands between the green and a grove of trees from which it is extremely difficult to recover the par. The green is however long and more easily attacked from the left.

Experienced player

The choice of club to play, from a 6-iron to a rescue, is largely conditioned by the position of the flag and the type of shot to be played to counteract the wind. The fairway, which extends for a few tens of metres before the green is slightly downhill and, with the short flag, there is room for a low shot that does not rise above the trees, and, sheltered from the wind, lands in front of the green and rolls to the flag.

Bogey Player

The aim is to place the tee shot in front of the green, leaving as a second shot an approach running towards a slightly uphill flag, which only requires careful evaluation of the distance and slope.

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